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FAQ for sellers

Answers to the most common questions

Do I need a real estate agent to sell my property?

No! You can estimate, market, book, visit and negotiate offers on your own property without the help of a real estate agent. Keep in mind, however, that more than 90% of sellers trust a real estate agent and find that the time savings, comfort and higher selling price are well worth the commission cost!

Is Marketing important? Isn't it enough to publish an ad?

If simple marketing automatically leads to sales, then companies would save billions invested in marketing. We believe that a good marketing campaign is essential to reach more buyers, and that reaching more buyers is essential to get the best price. Effective marketing reaches buyers both online and offline. 92% of buyers search online and it is therefore essential that they find your property. Once found, the quality of marketing should allow your property to stand out.

Is it necessary to hang a ``FOR SALE`` sign on my property?

Some sellers prefer not to have a “FOR SALE” sign on their property. While it is entirely your right not to install a sign, it is important to keep in mind that maximum exposure to potential buyers is essential to get the best price for your property. Your neighbours already love your neighbourhood – they live there – why not let them know that your house or apartment is for sale, so they can tell their friends and family, or buy it for themselves if they are tenants?

Who pays the notary fees and registration fees?

Buyers pay registration fees and notary fees in Luxembourg.

How much is the registration fee in Luxembourg?

The registration and transcription fees for a property are 7% in Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg City, a 3% municipal surcharge applies to any building that is neither a single-family house, nor a rental house, nor a plot of land for building a single-family house or a rental house, thus increasing these registration and transcription fees to 10%. Detail: City of Luxembourg website (Chapter A-5 Page 19 – Municipal surtax on registration fees)

How much are the notary fees in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, notary fees vary according to the value of the property in a range from 1500 to 3000 € in general.

Why doesn't my property sell?

It’s a difficult question. Generally, a property does not sell for one of these three reasons:

1. It’s not the right price.
2. Marketing was not well done
3. It does not look good (perhaps it needs a good cleaning or light work)

Try to find out:

1. What has been happening in the market since you started marketing
2. What marketing actions have been undertaken so far?
3. What are the reactions of potential buyers who have seen your property.

Why is the concept so effective?

If you have already sought to acquire a property in Luxembourg, you will quickly have noticed that reactivity is the key factor in the success of your real estate project. Indeed, many goods are sold from the first day of marketing!

At, we have devised tools to meet this market specificity.

The principle is very simple: if you want to buy a property in Luxembourg, we offer you to publish your search ad for free. You will be contacted in priority by owners who have a corresponding property, and can visit exclusively even before the publication of a classified ad.

If you are an owner and want to sell a property in Luxembourg, you just have to browse the searches and filter those that correspond to the property you want to sell. You will immediately have a database of buyers to whom we will offer your property at the best price. The services that complete our offer are numerous: a free and personalized real estate estimate, which takes into account the prices of recent sales and competing properties on the Luxembourg real estate market, a mandate of only one month which guarantees our involvement, follow-up and assistance throughout the sales process, professional photos with touch-ups, aerial shots with drone,…

And above all a reduced and fixed commission to ensure you a higher net selling price!

We hope to count you soon among our many satisfied customers.

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