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Secrets for selling

The secrets to getting what you want

Be socially discreet.

Some experienced buyers are able to spy on you online before making an offer. Don’t announce on Facebook that you have bought a new home before your current home is sold. The leak in the basement doesn’t need a nice picture on your Facebook wall. Don’t tell the world that you find the sales process stressful, that you are two weeks away from having a baby, or that you are going through a divorce. Do not let anyone know that you are desperate to sell your home. Don’t think that’s happening? These are all true stories.

When your property is for sale, keep it in perfect condition.

Yes, it is difficult to make your bed every day, wash dishes, take out the garbage, store your clean (and dirty) clothes, clean the litter and wash the floors every day, but keeping your house or apartment in a Tip Top condition is essential to get a deal at the best price.

Stop now.

Don’t even think about smoking in your house. If you smoke on your balcony or terrace, hide the evidence. Put away all the clues about your private life. We will not judge you, but we cannot say the same about potential buyers.

Remember that your real estate agent is on your side.

If you have chosen to work with an officer who values ethics, don’t lie to him. Tell him or her that the real reason you are selling (even if it is a divorce, or if you are experiencing financial difficulties). Give all the information to your agent, the good points and also the unpleasant things. Tell him what you really want, both financially and in terms of the help you expect during the sales process. Your agent works for you and his only task is to protect your interests. If you don’t trust your agent, change him!

Don’t be too greedy.

Your agent must be able to show you how much your property is worth and why. Overestimation is a dangerous game where the seller almost always loses. Every seller thinks he lives in the best apartment or house in his neighbourhood, and thinks his property is worth more than all the others. It is a proven fact that goods that have been too expensive and long on the market generally sell for less than if they had been accurately valued from the beginning. This is one of the most difficult things, but you also have to count on the costs generated by a property that does not sell (time credit…), and by the lost time that prevents you from moving on to something else.

Choosing the right real estate agent is important.

With more than 1000 agents in Luxembourg, there is a good chance that you will meet some of them of all kinds, with more or less experience and competence. Don’t risk your biggest financial asset by choosing the wrong agent. There are many experienced and talented agents here. Talk to your agent and ask him or her before you commit: ask for references.

There is more to do to sell your property than to publish an ad.

Exposing your property to as many potential buyers as possible brings more money. Ask how your property is marketed and ask for a weekly follow-up on the activity surrounding your property.

Be flexible with visiting hours.

Most buyers are available after 6pm and on weekends. Make it easier for them to visit your property. When you refuse a visit, be aware that these buyers rarely accept another appointment. So if you say “no” to a visit, you refuse the possibility of selling to a potential buyer.

Fix realistic expectations.

The average time to sell a property in Luxembourg is 30 days, so don’t panic if your home doesn’t sell within the first week. And know that no house or apartment sells above market price: put yourself in the shoes of a buyer who visits several properties per week and who is therefore also familiar with similar properties and their prices. You wouldn’t buy a good 100,000 € above its price, would you?

If you still have questions about your real estate project in Luxembourg, call us and we will be happy to answer all your questions to help you sell.

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